Website Workshop - Starting at $575
Great for an existing site refresh

Need a little help to get your new Squarespace site off the ground? Make your basic site publishable--and learn the nuts and bolts of maintaining it--with just a few hours of live collaboration with us!

If you already have a Squarespace site, but you know it needs some expert attention to get to the next level, this package may be just right for you.

What you get:

  • 2 Live Development sessions (conducted via Zoom screen share)

  • Branding consultation

  • Light copy editing

  • Image optimization for web

  • Brilliant design solutions on the fly

  • Video tutorials that you get to keep, created in real time

How it works:

  • We build while you watch, learn, and collaborate.

  • You get your basic Squarespace website edits and upgrades live quickly with the help of a caring and knowledgeable human.

  • After our two initial sessions, you have privileged access to our development team on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Website in a Week - From $2,000
For decisive, organized folks on a deadline!

We build your site in within a week--and sometimes within just two days!--while you watch and participate.

What you get:

  • Approximately 8 hours of Live Development, split into a few sessions

  • Our full and undivided attention in a compressed time frame until we have built a finished product that you love--together.

How it works:

  • After you have your initial consult with us and we receive your 50% deposit, we get you hooked up with our project management system, where you’ll find site planning tools, a design questionnaire, and an easy interface for uploading your content.

  • Once we have every last bit of your content wrangled into one place—yes, really, all of it—we can schedule your live development sessions!

  • In preparation for the first full session, we may decide to schedule a second phone consultation to ensure that we have all of the correct files, we understand how you need it all to come together, and you are able to install Zoom.

  • In several intensive design sessions over the course of two days, you watch, learn, and collaborate as your new Squarespace site transforms into a fully customized thing of beauty and grace. Check our portfolio for proof that you will be happy with the results.

  • After we’ve built your site together, you will have ongoing access to pay-as-you-go live development support from our professional developers. Only need a little more of our time? Get in touch to schedule it!

This option could be perfect for you if:

  • You want your Squarespace site built and published FAST.

  • You know basically what you want, and you have all your stuff together—like text content, logo, some images, and a site plan, for instance—but you need expert assistance turning it into a beautiful, functional website.

  • You enjoy creative collaboration, and you want to be involved in the design process in real time.

  • You want to work towards some independence to update the site yourself.

  • You like the idea of learning the basics of your site’s functionality by watching pros produce it.


The Partner Package - Starting at $1000
For a strategic, customized approach to a full website build

We work together with you to assess your goals and develop a production plan tailored to your unique needs.


  • Production sessions scheduled according to your preference, spread out in whatever way works best. Typical clients are working with us for a month or more.

  • A relaxed pace allows you as much time as you need between consultations to develop your content and implement the strategies we come up with together.

  • The LightPress team works on your project outside of our scheduled consultation times with you.