A little bit about LightPress

  • We specialize in high quality, reasonably priced, content driven web solutions.
  • 100% of our websites are built on the next generation, completely amazing, Squarespace platform.
  • We truly believe in setting our clients up for success, and making their website a critical tool that they can take full control & ownership of. 

Why Squarespace?

The platform's stability, ease of use, and commitment to quality innovation had us hooked since 2006. But the fact that it made building websites actually enjoyable is why we still use it today.


About Daniel

Daniel is the project director and lead coffee brewer at LightPress. 

He enjoys building websites for interesting people and exploring the mountains & music near his home in Asheville, NC.


About Cooper

Cooper is an artist, a mom, a former English teacher, and now, production assistant at LightPress. She is a multi-skilled dabbler in all things creative, with an overarching talent for making organized systems emerge out of chaos.

While you have your nice, relaxed conversations with Daniel, Cooper is typically scrambling around behind the scenes editing images, correcting grammar, scribbling notes, and composing color-coded to-do lists.