We are positively thrilled to announce that LightPress is now officially operating from our new office on the 7th floor of the gorgeous, historic, Flatiron building in Asheville, NC.

Built in 1925-1926, this unique Asheville landmark shares the name & triangular shape of the famous Flatiron in New York City. Home to shops, restaurants, and galleries on the street level, and dozens of local businesses on the other 7 floors (accessable via an old-timey gated elevator, complete with a live operator!) 

The Flatiron is a gem of a building that sits right at the center of Asheville's creative heartbeat. Check out this story about the Skybar which is right near our office, and has some great photos of the views we can see from atop the Flatiron.

Aren't familiar with Asheville? The video below is a great overview of some of the many reasons why LightPress chooses to make this amazing community our home...