Our new Website!

Welcome to our brand-spankin new site!

It's a work in progress, but it was high time for a fresh site, and we finally found a little time to crank this out.

The #1 goal here was to create something lighthearted, fun, simple, and unique. We're feeling pretty darn good about hitting all of those goals out of the park.

How was it made?

This site was made over the course of about 2 weeks, using the Marquee template on Squarespace. 

The illustrations were created by the talented Nina Magradze (see pic below) who is a versatile artist from Russia, and there will be more of her work to come.

But is it TOO fun?

Hmm. Nope. We love it, and can use this site to get the "silly" out of our system before our next corporate client.



Switched on to Change.

Life is Change.

  Change is the only constant. It's like we say here in Asheville, "if you don't like the weather...wait 5 minutes". Change, as it turns out, is the one thing you can always count on.

  To say that things are changing on the Internet...well, that kind of goes without saying, right? But things really are changing. Social networking sites have empowered even the most novice computer users among us to create, manage, and share our ideas with the world. 

  Many small business owners I'm sure have wondered at some point: "Why is it that my 12 year-old kid can update what he ate for beakfast  to 500 of his online friends, but I can't even make a simple phone number change to my own business website?"

  We believe in building next-generation website solutions that give the power back to the people. If you can write and send an e-mail, you have all the skills needed to edit your website.

  The invention of the Printing Press forever changed our civilization by giving the average person a voice in this world. It is our hope that LightPress can help your voice be heard, and help your ventures to succeed.




Our New Office!


We are positively thrilled to announce that LightPress is now officially operating from our new office on the 7th floor of the gorgeous, historic, Flatiron building in Asheville, NC.

Built in 1925-1926, this unique Asheville landmark shares the name & triangular shape of the famous Flatiron in New York City. Home to shops, restaurants, and galleries on the street level, and dozens of local businesses on the other 7 floors (accessable via an old-timey gated elevator, complete with a live operator!) 

The Flatiron is a gem of a building that sits right at the center of Asheville's creative heartbeat. Check out this story about the Skybar which is right near our office, and has some great photos of the views we can see from atop the Flatiron.

Aren't familiar with Asheville? The video below is a great overview of some of the many reasons why LightPress chooses to make this amazing community our home...



Social Media Branding for C[IQ]

Our friends at C[IQ] (for whom we built this gorgeous website) are gearing up for full-on Social Media engagement. They have been getting fantastic feedback on the branding and design work on their website, and have contracted LightPress to handle the visual branding of their social media properties as well. 

Check out their fully branded Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. (Google+ coming soon)

Throw them a like or a follow and stay tuned to see some facinating content about the mystical science of marketing coming from these folks on all channels. 



Film New Zealand

Film New Zealand: LightPress did not design this site, but we have been helping them out with some custom code solutions from time to time and wanted to give them a shout-out...and brag a little. Does this mean we can write-off a trip to New Zealand? Seriously.