We used to do it all for our clients. Design, development, branding. As long as it was within our skill-set, we'd add it to the proposal.

Today, as I pointed two prospective clients in the direction of 99 Designs for new logos, and told one of them about using Canva to create her own graphic assets, I knew full well that I was turning down potential billable hours. And it felt good. It felt... right.

Can LightPress design a great logo? You bet we can. Can we generate custom graphics to liven up your blog posts? Absolutely. But with so many fantastic resources out there, you can do it too, and on your terms.

Take 99 Designs for example. It is a crowdsource style design service that is brimming with talented artists. Sharp young illustrators from all over the world. Highly motivated, and caffeinated, they crank out stunning design work all day, competing to out-do each other by creating the one logo you will hopefully choose.

Honestly, we can't compete with their product, or their pricing. It just makes sense for us to share it as a resource, and be fully transparent about the process & pricing. 

As the years roll by (it's been about 8 years developing on Squarespace) our business model has evolved to best suit our typical clientele. Savvy, thrifty, and self-driven, some of the most interesting and brilliant people walk through our digital doors. From all walks of life, they always have something in common: An interesting story, and the desire to tell it on Squarespace. 

Our key offering, as we see it now, is to find the best tools the web has to offer, and equip our clients with the knowledge they need to leverage their resources into something greater. As it so happens, Squarespace is an amazing tool for building websites, but it can take months, even years, to master. And that's where LightPress really shines.

As long as you've got a story to tell, we'll be in business, ready to help you bring it to life.