It's always an interesting challenge to do marketing work for a marketing company. It must be close to what the kitchen staff feels like when an accomplished chef sits down to eat in your restaurant. You know your product will be held to a higher standard, and you're serving a client who really knows their stuff.

Good Apple Digital is a young, savvy, digital marketing firm based in New York City that manages digital media campaigns for clients like Starbucks, Zola, Birchbox, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. They came to us with a tired old website that was ready for pasture, and needed a fresh solution that better represented their vibrant company.

We worked with Good Apple's team to create a clean, crisp, website that highlighted what we saw as their greatest asset: their team.

Based on our interactions with their crew, and the photos & text we received, we got to know Good Apple as a business that is making great efforts to foster a positive, healthy workplace for their staff. In office Yoga, a collaborative environment, and a gumball machine that dispenses prizes (like a free iPad voucher). We were really struck by their commitment to a positive culture, and think that we produced a website that conveys this spirit to their potential partners.