Life is Change.

  Change is the only constant. It's like we say here in Asheville, "if you don't like the weather...wait 5 minutes". Change, as it turns out, is the one thing you can always count on.

  To say that things are changing on the Internet...well, that kind of goes without saying, right? But things really are changing. Social networking sites have empowered even the most novice computer users among us to create, manage, and share our ideas with the world. 

  Many small business owners I'm sure have wondered at some point: "Why is it that my 12 year-old kid can update what he ate for beakfast  to 500 of his online friends, but I can't even make a simple phone number change to my own business website?"

  We believe in building next-generation website solutions that give the power back to the people. If you can write and send an e-mail, you have all the skills needed to edit your website.

  The invention of the Printing Press forever changed our civilization by giving the average person a voice in this world. It is our hope that LightPress can help your voice be heard, and help your ventures to succeed.