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Do You Need…

  • An automated way to connect with your leads and close more sales?

  • Payment for your services, events, or space rental?

  • Deposits, intake forms, and reminder messages?

  • Easy virtual conference hosting?

  • Self-scheduled deliveries for your clients?

  • Seamless embedding on your website?


If any of these sound interesting, then you’ve come to the right place.

I am excited to help you start making the most of your time and resources with Acuity. 


About Cooper

As the project manager for a small, successful web design company, I am uniquely qualified to assess your needs and help you figure out the best way to run your scheduler. 

Why? Because I’m in the same boat that you are! 

I’m ready to let you in on the secrets that helped our little company double our sales within a single year, simply by maximizing our productivity and transforming endless e-mails and negotiations into billable hours.

…Actually, it’s not a secret at all. We did it by harnessing the power of this amazingly flexible and scalable scheduling solution. Now, I want to put this tool into your hands, too.

I’ve helped many of our Squarespace website clients to maximize their potential with Acuity, and now I’m delighted for the opportunity to offer this service to you as a certified ACE.


Pricing & Process


1-Hour Cram Session

A few examples of what we might get done together in an efficient hour of live screen share:

  • Getting your list of questions about your existing Acuity account answered quickly

  • Bringing you up to speed with visual learning, one-on-one Q&A, and live troubleshooting

  • Creating scheduling logistics solutions on the fly

  • Recording custom tutorials for you or your staff

  • Setting up a simple consultation scheduler and embedding it on your website

  • Configuring your payment settings

  • Connecting your Acuity scheduler with your Zoom host account

  • Setting up an appointment, group class, or ticketed event so you feel confident finishing the job yourself

  • Establishing an ongoing, customized Acuity support relationship with me! I’ll gladly deduct the first hour from your package fee if we aren’t finished by the end of our cram session.

Advanced Scheduler Setup
From $250*

Live guided custom setup and training in the use of Acuity Scheduling. Base Package Fee Includes:

  • Basic setup: schedule limitations, automated reminder messages, follow-up messages, resources and rooms, Google Calendar/iCal syncing, etc.

  • Connection to your payment portal of choice. *NOTE: This includes setup of online reservations and transactions only--does not include configuration of point of sale systems or payment portal accounts.

  • One additional integration setup with an existing account you own. Click here to view all the different integration options that Acuity offers.

  • Up to 4 appointment types and up to 1 group workshop, based on the content you provide, with training in how to build more. We can even design a service package or add another calendar.

  • Demonstration of how to build intake forms for appointments.

  • Seamless embedding and integration with your website.

    * In order to assess pricing and timeline for your advanced setup, I’ll need to have a quick phone chat with you!

What to Expect with Live Screen Share

For the majority of my clients, live development via Zoom screen share is a very efficient way to work together. It allows us to get straight to business, cutting down on lengthy forms, endless e-mails, and technological hurdles.

Working live together also gives us time to create recorded video tutorials for you, so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting how to complete a critical admin task a few months down the road.

At the time of your session:

  1. Make sure you have access to a laptop or desktop computer.

  2. Follow the Zoom link in your confirmation e-mail.

  3. If we’re not quite finished by the end of the session, we can make a plan for continuing your setup process that works for your needs. You’ll only pay for as much of my time as you need.

Squarespace + Acuity

A match made in UX-nerd heaven!

It’s no secret that Squarespace is becoming the website-building platform of choice for an ever-growing variety of businesses and nonprofits worldwide.

Our company has been working with the platform since the aughts, well before Squarespace was big enough to advertise during the Super Bowl. That’s over a decade! We’ve always been excited about its perfect balance of sophistication and user-friendliness.

Squarespace as a company has made a lot of great choices that have led to its tremendous success, but the decision to partner with Acuity Scheduling is one of our personal favorites.

As Squarespace Specialists and Authorized Trainers, we would love to get you set up with both amazing platforms!

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