Full Featured Webpages

Anything is possible! Every single page of your website is fully customizable, and meets the latest web-standards. Whether you have an existing site or a bright new idea, LightPress will bring it to life with the powerful SquareSpace platform.


Amazing Photo Galleries

    These photo galleries are fully customizable, and beautifully displayed. Uploading images is a snap, and new galleries can be created and filled with pictures in just a few minutes.


Blogging Power!

    The most POWERFUL Blogging system on the market will keep your website fresh & relevant. Fully archived, packed with features, and easily updated and edited. Publish from your browser, e-mail, or mobile device.


E-Mail Contact Form

     A direct E-Mail contact form for visitors to get in touch with you. Every E-Mail address will be saved and stored in an XML spreadsheet so you can send out newsletters and promotional E-Mails to your visitors.


Built-In Support

     A LightPress built, SquareSpace powered website comes with a fully staffed, brilliant support dept. based in New York City to answer your questions. A FAQ page can also be added to your site to help answer your visitors questions.


Site-Search Enabled

     Add a continually indexed search engine to your website so your visitors can easily find exactly what they are looking for. In addition, your website will be built on a platform that is extremely search engine friendly and easily found.


Social Media & Forums

     Integrated social media widgets allow you to link your website in with various networking sites like Twitter, Facebook & MySpace. You can host thread-based forums that are either open to the public, or restricted to private member-only audiences.

ss-amazon.png Widget

    Why bother with clunky shopping carts and expensive e-commerce services when you can just sell your products on Amazon? The most trusted internet shopping site integrates with your website by using the Amazon Widget, and leaves the e-commerce to the experts.


Google Maps Widget

    Need to be found? Well look no further with this handy Google Maps Widget. This is just one of many Widgets and add-ons that are being added to the SquareSpace platform as it evolves. Coming Soon: Expanded Social Media Widget, and a custom iPhone App!!!

Creating a website can be confusing. Honestly, it's a lot of information to wrap your brain around. After over 10 years in the business, we've learned that the easiest way to get started is to break it all down into the basic building blocks you need to create the perfect website.

LightPress builds all of our websites using the SquareSpace platform, a powerful web-based CMS system that makes building and managing your website fun, easy, and affordable. These are are some of our favorite SquareSpace features.