The Future ( it's Wide Open )

I could continue doing what I am doing. I love my work.
But... There are limitations to what I can do as one,
and greatness in what we could do together.

Strength in Numbers

Design & Programming are disciplines that I have a great working knowledge of, but I know my limitations. The greatest pitchers in baseball are not known for their batting average, and there is a good reason for that.

When Deign & Programming Professionals attain a certain level of mastery, the end product moves from "good enough" to "wow...that is amazing". I want to produce amazing results for my clients, every time.

Interacting with clients, closing sales, managing projects, optimizing workflow, and fine-tuning the details, are skills that come naturally to me. Working within a team would allow me to focus on these strengths, let the experts work their craft, and be an integral part of a more capable force.


I want to grow within my profession. I want to be challenged and inspired. I will of course continue make improvements to my current business, but to truly evolve, my choices are to either hire more resources, or join a growing team.  

I am open to just about any situation, as long as it allows me to work remotely from my office here in Asheville. I am particularly fond of the Squarespace Platform and community, and would prefer to continue working within that market, but I am open to other possibilities.

If I sound like the missing piece in your puzzle, or even if you are just intrigued and want to chat, drop me a line.